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Project White-Collar Crime

Avoiding taxes at any cost seems to be a sport for high earners. The super rich and the world’s criminals make substantial use of tax havens and reap enormous financial rewards. But, they also cheat their business partners. We take a close look at what’s behind the shiny shop front and expose the crooks and their cooked books.

Since its formation, the Investigative Reporting Team has published a series of stories on international tax fraud. We were the first and only to interview the nightmare of many tax evaders as he was hiding from Interpol: Heinrich Kieber from Liechtenstein, who stole the entire client database from LGT Bank and sold it to international tax authorities. We revealed that his true motivation was not the money but to take revenge on the Prince Sovereign of Liechtenstein. His insights helped us decipher the cleverly devised fund system which international tax evaders used to hide their money in Liechtenstein.

We also exposed a German bank executive’s involvement in the Formula One bribery allegations around supremo Bernie Ecclestone. And we investigated the shady business model of a German security firm who played a lead role in the HSH Nordbank scandal.

A selection of stern stories on White-Collar Crime in German.


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