Welcome to the picture desk of stern Magazine’s publications

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On this page you will find information on

  • How to submit your digital images.
  • Quality requirements of the images.
  • How to label your pictures properly.
  • How to contact our staff. 

How can you submit your digital data?

Per (preferred) or

You can deliver your images via SFTP. All you need is an FTP program such as Cyberduck, FileZilla or CuteFtp. Use the following access data: 

Welcome to the picture desk of stern Magazine’s publications

Please deliver your images in a folder that should be labeled with the name of the subject and the photographer and/or agency abbreviation. Folder and file names should consist of max. 30 characters, please without special characters such as ! " § $ % & / ( ) = ? ′ © ä ö or ü.

Our FTP server works like a mailbox: you can upload your images, but you have no access to check if your folder has been transferred. Please do not send us delivery notes, caption lists, Word-documents or PDFs via FTP. Also ZIP files will not be imported automatically from our database.

We-Transfer or Dropbox

We are also happy to accept your data via WeTransfer- or Dropbox-Download-Links. This is especially recommended for larger PDFs and image files.


Stern picture desk’s main mail address is, to which all picture editors have access to. You can send us individual images or illustrations, documents, PDFs portfolios or written exposés at any time. However, please send us only small data.

The mail addresses of our staff always consist of "", e.g. Attention: All personalized E-mail-addresses at stern editorial office are only accessible to the respective owner. If you want to make sure that your material is being screened, please send your message cc. to The inbox for stern picture desk’s main mail address is being checked every day, corresponding mails are forwarded and edited.

Image quality and editing

Processing of the images is acceptable to limited extent. This includes adjustments of tonal value, brightness, contrast, or definition are certainly, to get the best results from your pictures. If we are not happy with your image processing, we will request a TIFF or RAW from you.


In general, it is sufficient to provide us with only slightly compressed JPGs (Photoshop level 9-12). Especially if you have a lot of pictures or a slow internet connection, this might be the best way. TIFF files are of course always welcome, especially if we have already ordered print data (High-Res) from you. Please deliver RAWs upon request only.


Your pictures must be labeled correctly. Please write the information about who, where, when, what, why in the corresponding IPTC fields.

Following information are mandatory:

Scene Description

Who is depicted in the picture or a description of the situation. If possible please provide first and surname of the persons, as well as information on their age and their function.

Holder of the rights

Who gets the fee for the published image?


Who took the photographs?


Where exactly was the photograph taken--place, city, country?

Special Instructions

Is there anything we have to take into consideration? Any persons on the images who are minors? Persons who have not given their approval or declaration of consent to have their picture published? Blocking of pictures, exclusive fees, no attribution of the photographer on publication, any restrictions on the use of a different kind? (e.g., in social media)


When was the photo taken?

Contact information stern picture desk


Photo direction
Derik Meinköhn, Tel.: 040 - 3703 3056,

Susanne Baumann, Tel.: 040–3703-3160,
Lilly Dohmann, Tel.: 040–3703-3762,
Orsolya Groenewold, Tel:  040–3703-7247,
Andreas Kronawitt, Tel.: 040–3703-3561,
Claudia Menzel, Tel.: 040–3703-3798,
Amélie Mittelmann, Tel.: 040–3703-3759,
Guido Schmidtke, Tel.: 040–3703-3518,
Andreas Trampe, Tel.: 040–3703-4122,
Rahel Zander, Tel.: 040–3703-3758,

stern London
Dagmar Seeland, Tel.: 0044-1-892618245,

stern New York
Angelika Hala, Tel.: 001-646-8847102,

stern Rom
Luisa Brandl, Tel.: 0039-06-4542 0770,

stern Crime Bildredaktion
Susanne Baumann, Tel.: 040–3703-3160,

Hirschhausens stern Gesund Leben
Orsolya Groenewold, Tel:  040–3703-7247,
Karolin Sandig (on parental leave until 01.04.2022), Tel.: 040–3703-3763,

View Bildredaktion
Bianca Verwohlt, Tel.: 040–3703-7343,
Patrick Hamilton, Tel.: 040–3703-6546,

Stern Portfolio Review 2022

Dear photographers,

through the virtual Portfolio Reviews last year, we from the Stern photo editorial team got to know many new photographers, and with some of them we were already able to realize a collaboration. This success spurs us on to continue the portfolio appointments in 2022 — digitally, as long as face-to-face encounters are still difficult.

We do not offer portfolio consulting, but want to address photographers whose photographic work corresponds to Stern in terms of content, visual language and quality standard. Photographers can present their portfolio for a future cooperation, but also offer finished stories.

 If interested, send an email to with the subject line: Application for Stern Portfolio Portfolio and include your contact information (full name, email address, mobile number, as reference website, Insta or PDF). If you fail to provide the information your application will not be considered.

If we like your work, we will send you a link where specific appointments can then be arranged.

The reviews will be carried out by various Stern picture editors.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Stern photo editors


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