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Die Tricks beim Selfie-Posen Enttarnt: Vorher-nachher in einer Minute

Klicken wir durch Instagram-Kanäle von Frauen, überfällt uns sofort ein Gedanke: Ich muss abnehmen! Dringend! Aber: Das stimmt gar nicht. Denn die meisten Frauen sehen in Wirklichkeit ziemlich normal aus. Und stehen inzwischen auch dazu.

Dass die Modewelt uns mit Photoshop betrügt, ist nichts Neues. Models haben immer makellose Haut und sind gertenschlank. Weil Frauen und Mädchen seit Jahren suggeriert wird, dass das ein Synonym für Schönheit ist, jagen wir diesem Ideal hinterher. Fasten, trainieren, verzichten. Oder leiden unter schlechtem Gewissen, wenn wir es nicht tun. Wir vergleichen unsere Spiegelbilder mit den Aufnahmen anderer Frauen und stellen fest, dass bei uns was schwabbelt, wo bei anderen ein straffes Sixpack sitzt. So war es zumindest bislang, denn dieses ewige Vorgegaukele falscher Tatsachen – Stichwort duck face oder thigh gap – geht zum Glück inzwischen vielen Frauen auf die Nerven. Denn eigentlich haben wir alle gute und weniger gute Tage, was Hüftumfang und Doppelkinn betrifft.

Das richtige Posing schummelt die Kilos weg

Hinstellen, Schultern zurück, Po rausstrecken – das bringt locker zehn Kilo. Optisch. Denn wer sich gemütlich auf dem Sofa sitzend fotografiert, hat immer einen Bauch. Wo sollen sie denn sonst auch hin, die Innereien. Spannend ist die Entwicklung, dass es gerade zum guten Ton gehört, das Frauen in den sozialen Netzwerken dazu stehen, indem sie beide Varianten von sich zeigen. Das hat Charme, weil es ehrlich ist.

"So sehe ich zu einem Prozent meiner Zeit aus – und so zu 99 Prozent"

Me 1% of the time vs. 99% of the time. And I love both photos equally. Good or bad angles don't change your worth ❤️ I recently came across an article talking about how one woman stated she refuses to accept her flaws, because she doesn't see them as flaws at all. I LOVED that because it sends such a powerful message that our belly rolls, cellulite, stretch marks are nothing to apologize for, to be ashamed of, or to be obsessed with getting rid of! As I'm getting older, I have cellulite and stretch marks that aren't going away, and I welcome them. They represent a life fully lived (for 28 years so far :)) and a healthy life and body at that. How can I be mad at my body for perfectly normal "flaws"? This body is strong, can run miles, can lift and squat and push and pull weight around, and it's happy not just because of how it looks, but because of how it feels. So when you approach your journey, I want you to remember these things: I will not punish my body I will fuel it I will challenge it AND I will love it ??? If you're following my page, you're a part of helping me spread this message and creating this movement - thank you. #fbggirls

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"Schlechte Haltung" vs "Durchgedrückt"

"Das gleiche Mädchen, derselbe Tag, eine andere Pose"

Just a same girl, same day, different pose reminder that our bodies look different in different angles and that it's perfectly ok, normal and natural. You don't need to look like anybody else but YOU ❤ ? I get asked a lot recently how to start a Bopo insta page as they want confidence. I often come up with nothing because I'm not entirely sure I understand. ? Are they asking me how to get started on a journey to self love or just how to start an insta page to get justification that their body is worthy in hope it will bring them self love? ? Before I put my photos and words out onto Instagram I started my journey to self love with myself; I mean it's still a very personal journey but I want to share it now and help others too. I took photos and wrote down love notes to my body without showing them to a soul- it was just for my soul and my mind. ? Starting an insta page could help you on your journey of course but your motives are what's important- know what they are before starting is my advice. Maybe do it off social media first and get a feel for your journey and what works/doesn't work for you and do it for YOU. Do it for your soul. Your follower count doesn't matter or make you more or less worthy. 10,000 people telling you your pretty wont bring about self love either. It's so much more than that and it starts deep inside yourself not with your aesthetics. Bopo isn't a 'trend'. ? It's not about how many you can impress, you need to be impressing yourself. Make yourself proud.

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"Dieses Foto zeigt keine Verwandlung"

❌THIS IS NOT A TRANSFORMATION PHOTO❌ I've jumped on the #30secondbeforeandafter ? challenge and have decided after much hesitation to share this photo. In the photo on the left I am tilting my pelvis forward, bloating my stomach as much as possible (btw I've got mad bloating skills), hunching my shoulders and slumping. In the photo on the right, I'm standing tall, I'm flexing my stomach, my spine is in proper alignment. Girls, for me this photo really reaffirmed how important it is to take your progress photos with the same posture, lighting, etc. It's not about how big of a transformation you've had. It's not about how skinny you appear to be or how heavy you were when you started your journey. It's not about how you compare to other girls who are on the same week as you. I'll tell you what it IS about: strength, integrity, fortitude--things we strive for each and every day that we wake up and choose to be honest with others, but first and foremost, honest with ourselves about our insecurities, our hopes, our struggles, our triumphs. At first this picture embarrassed me. I wasn't going to share it and I've hung onto it for days debating. I'm doing it now because it's REAL. So jump on the bandwagon or don't--either way, let's work together to keep this community transparent and goal driven! #transformationtuesday #not #honest

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"Zwischen diesen Bildern liegen 30 Sekunden"

⭐️SelfLove Bootcamp w/Kenzie & Gina⭐️ DAY 16: EMBRACE THE SQUISH · Okay guys, NEITHER of these pics have been edited, retouched, photoshopped, etc. They were taken about 30 seconds apart, this morning at the same camera angle. I am literally twisting my body so far that my stomach disappears on the left. ??If you would have come across the picture on the left only, some of you may have thought, "omg that girl is so skinny, I wish I looked like that" ??This is the problem with the internet. A lot of women only post pictures like the one on the left & at the exact same time they also look like the picture on the right, but if we only see the skinny pic, we think they "have the perfect body" & internalize the idea that we don't. ??This is not true for everyone, but it is true for ALOT of women. ??Today in SelfLove Bootcamp, we are working to #embracethesquish ? Embracing those parts of our bodies where our skin rolls, squishes & sags. Because they are NORMAL parts of all bodies. 99% of the reason we feel they are bad, gross, make us look ugly, make us not sexy is because of the airbrushed & mutated images we see 10 million times a day everywhere we look. ??LADIES & MEN: The rolls are sexy, beautiful & natural. No matter how big or small they are. ??At the same time, I know they give you anxiety & make you feel all the negative thoughts, whether you have an ED, BDD or not. I honor those feelings you have & share them with you at times. We are all human & it is impossible to escape the beauty standards that have been placed upon us. ??I want you to know that your body, naturally, as it is right now is enough. ??Try not to compare yourself to images you see, those photos should not control your happiness, your self-worth or how you feel about your body. ??Keri Washington said "You cannot compare your insides to another person's outsides" ☝? REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU'RE FEELING LOW. 〰 LOVE, SUPPORT & POSITIVITY ?xo #thereisnowrongwaytobeawoman #SelfLoveBootcamp #beforeandafter

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"Der Unterschied zwischen den beiden Bildern ist nicht, dass ich fünf Kilo abgenommen oder Photoshop angewendet habe"

Really wanna commend straight size models @laura.henshaw and @stephclairesmith for using their platforms to promote a positive body image to their followers. ? The girls started a hashtag #misconceptionkic to highlight how a lot of the imagery we see on Instagram is unrealistic and unattainable. So what is the difference between these two pics? No I didn't lose five kilos or photoshop the shit out of myself- instead of standing relaxed on the left- I sucked in, pulled up my pants, pushed my hips back and stood with my legs apart to give myself a thigh gap. I even positioned my collar bone to the light to make it stick out more. Crazy. ? We are all guilty of taking a million photos and uploading one that highlights our supposed "best angles"- myself included. So it's just a little reminder to not base your #bodygoals on anything you see online. We will only ever see someone's highlight reel, and not the 50 pics they took to get their "best angle". Be your own #fitspo ?????

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"Wenn man mittags noch meine Bauchmuskeln sieht, grenzt das an ein Wunder"

BLOATING ? I've been feeling pretty stressed the past few weeks and have suffered with severe bloating most days, not sure why ? But yesterday it hit a whole new level ? I want this photo to prove that no, I don't walk around with abs every day. In fact, it's a shock if I still have them by lunchtime ? (this is me standing normally, not pushing my stomach out) So just a little reminder to use IG for inspiration and to motivate you rather than to compare yourself to! A bad day yesterday led me to comfort eat all day - binge eating at it's finest I tell you ? We're only human and all of us slip up sometimes. I was about to start getting annoyed at myself then @claudetteannaliese reminded me 'one day will not make you fall off track' which is SO ?? FLIPPING ?? TRUE ?? If you have a day of eating whatever you want.. WHO CARES! Wake up the next day, make a plan and get back to it ?? As I've clearly proved, everyone goes through the exact same struggles! We're all here to support each other through the good AND the bad ?? . Oh and soz about the red face/wet hair look ? Pic was taken post workout! If anyone has any tips for cutting out certain foods from bloating please let me know ??☺

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"Die gleiche Frau, verschiedene Blickwinkel"

So betrachtet, können wir uns in diesem Frühling also die Selbstkasteiung sparen. Wir wackeln im Sommer im Bikini nicht etwa im Hohlkreuz über den Strand, sondern pfeifen drauf, was andere denken. Und fühlen uns einfach wohl.


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