A look at musician and actor Robert Stadlober.

Robert Stadlober is a boy who looks like a girl who looks like a boy - meaning he's one of the cutest German actors, as well as one of the most talented. While his female fans rave about his sweet looks, film critics praise the 19-year-old's acting, especially his role in the blockbuster movie »Crazy,« in which he plays a boarding school student paralysed on one side. Stadlober's performance made the movie completely enchanting, rather than depressing.

»Crazy« made Stadlober a star, but he was not content with that: He did not just want to be the cutest and most talented, he also wanted to be the wildest. After all, he had not lived an average teenage life even before his acting career: at the age of 15, he moved out of his parents' home, left school and squatted in houses in Berlin. He made friends with street-kids and even spent one night in a French jail. Stadlober, who does not have formal training as an actor, always has been »looking for freedom,« as he himself says somewhat loftily.

In fact, to make his »wildness« more apparent, Robert Stadlober founded a rock-band called Gary, where he plays the guitar and sings. When the band finished a concert last year, Stadlober called out: »Let's drink lots of beer now.« He wore eyeliner and talked about the fact that he really would like to own a snakeskin suit. When a journalist asked Stadlober for an interview he answered: »Of course, after I get up. Around 5 p.m.« Although Stadlober tried to appear wilder than all the other young German actors put together - most of whom tend to be terribly respectable - he couldn't quite pull it off, and after a few months he stopped acting quite so off-the-wall.

In general, though, he's not that worried about what people think. »Other people can create their image of me for themselves,« he says. »I try to keep this away from me as far as possible: Because image is death - one gets destroyed by thinking too much about it.« Instead of trying to play the wild rock star, he has been focusing on playing music, recording the rock album »The Lonely Cnorve Machine« with his band. Nobody, most likely including Stadlober, knows what a »lonely cnorve machine« is, but it might just be the gadget which has combined cuteness, talent and wildness with the melodic indie-pop-rock of Gary to make a very beautiful record.


Robert Stadlober is born in Friesach, Austria, on August 3. He grows up in Berlin.


He acts in the television series »Hallo Onkel Doc«.


Robert gets his first large part in the East German comedy »Sonnenallee«.


He shoots to stardom as the main character Benjamin in the movie »Crazy,« based on the novel by Benjamin Lebert.


In »Engel & Joe,« Stadlober plays a punk who lives on the streets of Cologne.


The first album of his band Gary is released.

Sebastian Hammelehle, 32, met Robert Stadlober in Hamburg and was surprised that he already looked well rested before noon.

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